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Pulsar 3

Technical specification:

  • Charging current (automatically adjustable) 0,1 do 5,0 & 5,0 do 25,0A
  • Battery capacity limiter 0,1 - 99Ah
  • Charging power: 400W / 12V; 800W / 24V; 1,5kW / 48V
  • Discharging power: in heat 100W; with the return of energy (Rewers) - such as charging
  • Charging voltage: 0,6 - 64V, 1-32 NiCd/NiMH; 1-18 Pb; 1-14 LiIo/LiPo; 1-16 LiFe
  • Supply voltage: 12V (10-16V), 24V (20-32V) or 48V (40-60V)
  • Power limiter for using with a low power power supplies
  • Separate setup parameters for usage with car battery and power supply
  • Programs for chargind, dischaging, storage, format & regeneration cells
  • Program memory (user settings): 20
  • Cycles (up to 99): charge/discharge; discharge/charge (current can be set up different between charge and discharge)
  • Permanent measurement of resistance (Ri) while charging (only impulse mode)
  • Built-in balancer up to 16 cells of power 60W and balancing currents 0,25; 0,5 or 1,0A
  • Intelligent balancing algorithm, current - automatically variable individually in 10 steps per cell
  • Charging finish identification:
    Nixx - Delta-peak (adjustable from 1 to 25 mV in steps of 0,5 mV); Inflex; charging time; adjusted capacity
    Pb, Lixx – CC/CV finish voltage of charging adjustable; Fastmod; charging time; adjusted capacity
  • Reflex function - (memory effect protection for NiCd & NiMH), lowers voltage drift at LiXX,
  • Pulse – Impulse, Reflex, adjusted for usage with power supply (Impulse mode off)
  • Process memory (last processes data): 20
  • SD card included; process logging on SD card (archive and analysis on PC possible)
  • Real-time clock
  • Prepared for two-way communication with PDA and mobile phones using BT (class 1)
  • USB connection (cable included)
  • PC Software PulsarGraph (Windows)
  • Free upgrades over internet
  • Internal cooling fan with smooth adjusting (very quiet - only one fan)
  • External temperature sensor
  • Digital, synchronous converter - controlled by DSP
  • Large graphic display - 240x64 points with adjustable backlighting
  • Acoustic alarm (disengageable)
  • Protection against reverse polarity voltage to the input and output
  • Protection against overheating
  • Protection against overload (Reverse) and discharge the battery power
  • Lightning arrester for battery connecting

    Test in Modellfliger (DE)

Instruction Manual - Android
Android Software

Windows Mobile Software

Balancer adapter

system EH (uni)

system XH

power cables

gold 4mm

U 8mm




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